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USA Riverrats, Inc
Website and e-mail


Purpose and Protocol



This website has been created as a tool for
communication amongst the members

in between meetings, a way to share information,
have fun and keep in contact with one another.

The Webmaster email is available to communicate

with individual members or the group as
a whole regarding upcoming events,
meeting reminders, prayer requests, etc..



As a 501(c)(3), The USA Riverrats, Inc.
Not allowed to endorse or attempt to influence political situations.

Neither the website nor the email are
the appropriate place to air personal grievances,
personal religious or political opinion even in the form of humor.


All members and visitors to the website have
access to post on the “Let’s Chat” page.

The Web Master (as appointed by the President)
will have primary access with,

as needed, support from
the 1st Vice President and Secretary.

For security purposes

No One Other than the Web Master

will have access to the website.


Web Master:

 It is the responsibility of the Web Master to monitor postings on

the website, update pages, update monthly calendar
and events pages. 

In the event that a posting on the “Let’s Chat” page is

determined to be unacceptable based on the above protocol,

the Web Master will delete the posting and

send an email to the person who posted it,

explaining the reason why it was deleted.

Also, further disciplinary actions may be warrented!

The Web Master handles the Web area along with
the President, 1st Vice President
all aspects of the 
Web area for USA River Rats.