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Rest assured everyone that God is in control and that He will not forsaken us.

Coronavirus will pass so do not panic. Take precautions and avoid large crowds and all unnecessary gatherings.
Pro active leaders are deferring or canceling many social gatherings to prevent the virus from spreading.
Traveling is not recommended so stay at home if you can. Self quarantine if necessary.
Don’t hoard but insure that necessary medicines , etc. , food , water, clothing, supplies, are on hand or to be delivered.
This all shall pass . Just be patient and keep the faith. 
God bless you all.

  See email from our River Rat President , Peter Brown, 
advising us of
the Cancellation of the Event
at Vista Manor, April 12, 2020
due to current health safety issues.

      Patricia Knowles please accept our deepest apologies for
this change in plans as we River Rats sincerely
enjoy our interaction with Vista Manor residents
However in the interest of all of our health safety,
this decision is made in the best interest of everyone.
As USA River Rats Chaplain
my daily prayers are for
this virus be neutralized by
our Heavenly Father
to preserve the health of all world citizens.
Keep the faith, God hears our prayers for He will not forsake us.
Dennis ( The Menace) McMullin
Chaplain USA River Rats.


 List of people that are sick and needing healing prayers:

     James ( Top Con ) Gallo

     Doris ( Birdie ) Miller

     Steven ( Scarecrow) Worrell

     Bob ( Walter ) Keener

     Richard ( Woodchuck ) Gilland

     Robert ( Tail Hook ) Franklin

Wayne(Wayneo) Smith, re: wife’s medical issues



Encouragement Empathy and Compassion
    Karen ( Prospect ) Humann
on the death, in a fatal car accident of her husband
Bob ( R C ) Humann 2/18/2020.
RoseBud Diaz

May God be with you at this difficult time.


    “ May the comfort of friends and family be your strength now and in the days ahead “
      “ May God hold you in the palm of His hand and comfort you with His everlasting love “
      Please accept these prayers from all your River Rats sisters and brothers.
We are here to help in whatever way we can.



Chaplin: Dennis (The Menace ) McMullin

May God Bless You All
Keep You In His Loving Care


HE CAN BE CONTACTED:  321-267-6885


"May the family remember fond memories and good times"



ChaplainCapellán -  Aumônier

Dennis ( The Menace ) McMullin